National Archives of South Africa (NASA)

NAAIRS - Database Selection

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Select a database from those listed below:
GEN-Data of the South African Genealogical Society on Gravestones
HER-Data of the Bureau of Heraldry on registered heraldic representations
KAB-Cape Town Archives Repository
MAN-National Registers of Manuscripts and Photographs (NAREM and NAREF)
National Archives' cartographic and library material, microfilms and copies
NAB-Pietermaritzburg Archives Repository
OVM-National Register of Audio-Visual Material (NAROM)
ROS-National Register of Oral Sources (NAROS)
RSA-All Archives Repositories and National Registers of non-public records
SAB-National Archives Repository (Public Records of Central Government since 1910)
TAB-National Archives Repository (Public Records of former Transvaal Province and its predecessors as well as of magistrates and local authorities)
TBD-Durban Archives Repository
TBE-Port Elizabeth Archives Repository
TBK-Cape Town Records Centre
VAB-Free State Archives Repository

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